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Smoked Brisket Burgers

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Smoked Brisket Burgers


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Introducing Smoked Brisket Burgers: a gourmet twist on a classic favorite. In this recipe, brisket and short ribs are ground into a rich burger blend, seasoned to perfection, and smoked on a grill for that irresistible smoky flavor. Perfect for any barbecue lover, these Smoked Brisket Burgers are sure to impress!


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    First, cut up your brisket and short ribs into small pieces and run them through your meat grinder. Once ground up, form large ½ pound patties and season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and chili powder.

  2. 02

    Fire up your Masterbuilt gravity grill to 300F and smoke them until they hit about 100F internal temperature. Then raise the heat of your grill to 600F and sear them on both sides until done, adding cheese at the end to melt.

  3. 03

    Make your slaw by combing your sliced cabbage, red onion, diced pickles, tomatoes, lime juice, mayo, apple cider vinegar, and dijon mustard to a large bowl. Mix well and stir in your honey.

  4. 04

    Build your burger with a toasted bun, your favorite BBQ sauce, pickled red onion and jalapeno, your burger, and top it off with your slaw and enjoy!


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