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Beginners Luck Pulled Pork

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Beginners Luck Pulled Pork


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  1. 01

    Start the preparation roughly 36 hours before smoking the pork.

  2. 02

    Take your pork butt and double bag it in freezer bags.

  3. 03

    Pour in your root beers. Seal them up and place them in a tin in the fridge over night.

  4. 04

    After 24 hours in root beer, pull out the pork butt and let them drain, but don't pat dry.

  5. 05

    Start rubbing with John Henry's Cherry Chipotle and don't be shy. Wrap in plastic wrap and set in the fridge for another 12 hours.

  6. 06

    After 12 hours, it's time to get the smoker going at around 225-240°F. For this recipe, I don't use anything but water in the water pan.

  7. 07

    Once the fire is ready and the pan is full, pull out the pork butt and add a bit more rub where necessary. Place onto the smoker.

  8. 08

    The fun part starts at 140°F (internal temperature). Take 3 parts apple juice and 1 part Jim Bean's Red Stag Bourbon.

  9. 09

    Don't mess around here. Spritz until the pork is dripping wet. Do this as often as possible to keep the outside looking moist.

  10. 10

    This will slow down the cooking time but every 30 minutes is a good rule but I just like to keep it moist looking.

  11. 11

    I keep spritzing this until I hit 165°F(internal temperature). I then wrap the pork butt in heavy aluminum foil, making sure to wrap it so no drippings get out. I also give it one last spritz.

  12. 12

    Cook the pork butt until it reaches 200°F. Remove the pork butt from the heat and let rest in a towel and cooler for as long as possible.

  13. 13

    Hop online and work up that hunger on the smokin' forums!

  14. 14

    Once the pork butt has cooled, start pulling the meat in its own juices. No finishing sauce needed. It's ready to eat as is. I prefer using Hawaiian sweet rolls.


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