What Is a Gravity Series® Grill?

Smoke comes out of a Gravity Series 800 set up in a back yard

As a leader in charcoal grilling, Masterbuilt strives to innovate the outdoor cooking space. With the launch of the Gravity Series® Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker, we set out to revolutionize grilling and give charcoal lovers a reason to celebrate. But what exactly is Gravity Series, and how does it transform charcoal grilling for the better? Let's take a look.

Why Gravity Series?

Charcoal has long been a staple in the grilling world for its dynamic flavor but can often be time-consuming and difficult to maintain a consistent temperature. Pellet grills have seen a rise in popularity thanks to their simplicity and temperature control, but often lack the ability to achieve higher temperatures for searing. With Masterbuilt's Gravity Series Grill + Smoker, we bring charcoal flavor and high temperature grilling with the ease of a propane or pellet grill.

How Does It Work?

A Gravity Series grill operates through one simple vision: Fueled by charcoal, fed by gravity. Featuring a GravityFed™ vertical hopper, a Gravity Series grill can hold enough charcoal to allow users to grill or smoke foods for up to 8 hours without refilling.

Once you LOAD IT with up to 16 pounds of briquettes or 10 pounds of lump charcoal, the next step is to LIGHT IT from a specialized chamber underneath the charcoal hopper grate with either a Masterbuilt Fire Starter or a piece of paper. Once your charcoal has lit and you're ready to start cooking, you can then SET IT on the WiFi-enabled digital control panel or from a smart device using the Masterbuilt app.

Key Features

Every Gravity Series grill includes the following key features:

  • GravityFed Charcoal Hopper - Redefine charcoal cooking with the GravityFed Hopper that holds up to 8 hours of fuel using lump or briquette charcoal. No need to remove charcoal after each use.
  • DigitalFan™ Control - With the push of a button, the digitally controlled fan moves air flow from the hopper to the cooking chamber and maintains desired cooking temperature.
  • Smoke + Sear Versatility - Reach 700°F in 15 minutes to grill + sear or 225°F in 10 minutes for low + slow cooking with reversible cast iron grates to smoke + sear.
  • WiFi Capability - Set it and go with your smart device. Learn to master the art of smoking, grilling and more with the Masterbuilt app.
  • Warming Racks - Removeable warming + smoking racks provide extra space during the cook.

Additional Features

Depending on the model, you can find the additional features:

  • FoldAway™ Racks (Gravity Series 1050) - The FoldAway warming + smoking racks provide extra cooking space and fold out of the way without having to be fully removed.
  • Front Folding Shelf (Gravity Series 800 and 1050) - Folding stainless steel front shelf provides extra preparation space.
  • Griddle + Manifold (Gravity Series 800) - Interchangeable flat top griddle insert and manifold for added cooking versatility.


Gravity Series represents the evolution of charcoal grilling and revolutionizes grilling for those who love the flavor of charcoal but don't want the hassle. You can find Gravity Series grills online at, or online and in-store at major retailers across the country.