How to Deep Clean The 1050 Griddle

Proper cleaning and care are the best way to keep your griddle in pristine condition. This blog will give you all the tips and steps you need to keep your griddle in its best condition use after use.

  • Always clean your 1050 Griddle by hand.
  • Never soak your 1050 Griddle in water.
  • Frequent cleaning and seasoning of your griddle will prevent rusting.
  • You are not required to deep clean your griddle after every use.

Use extreme caution when cleaning your griddle. Griddle will be extremely hot after use.

  1. Heat griddle to 300F (149C).
  2. Cover griddle top with coarse salt.
  3. Add a small amount of cooking oil to the salt on the griddle top.
  4. Use a bench scraper or chainmail to scrub any residue from the griddle surface. Use extreme caution. Griddle will be hot.
  5. Use a bench scraper to remove the loose residue from the griddle top.
  6. Apply a small amount of warm water to the griddle top.
  7. Use a chainmail scrubber or paper towels to rub water over griddle top. This will remove any remaining food particles. Be sure to use tongs and hot food gloves when scrubbing griddle top. Griddle will be extremely hot
  8. Dry griddle thoroughly.
  9. Finish the cleaning process by re-seasoning your griddle.

Consistent cleaning and care is crucial to keeping your griddle in its best condition, preventing rust, and keeping your food from sticking to the surface.

For more information about your Gravity Series™ griddle insert, please refer to the Griddle Instruction Sheet included with the product.