A Comprehensive Guide to Masterbuilt's Vertical Smoker Collection

A Masterbuilt smoker sits on a patio near a house. Racks of food and smoke are visible through the smoker window, and smoke rises from vents at the top of the smoker.

With a legacy rooted in crafting exceptional smoking equipment, our selection of vertical smokers offers an unparalleled range of options to satisfy the cravings of both novice grillers and seasoned pitmasters. In this in-depth exploration, we'll discuss the Masterbuilt line up of Vertical Smokers. Join us as we unveil the features, functionalities, and unique qualities that make each vertical smoker a masterpiece.

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker

A cornerstone of Masterbuilt's vertical smoker collection, the Digital Electric Smoker seamlessly blends technology and tradition. With a digital control panel and remote, you gain unrivaled command over the smoking process. Set your desired temperature, time, and wood chips, and let the smoker work its magic. The patented side wood chip loading system ensures consistent heat levels without compromising the cooking environment. Four chrome-coated smoking racks provide ample space for your culinary creations, making this smoker a favorite among those who crave precision and convenience. Available in both 30-inch and 40-inch sizes, this smoker is a prime choice for precision and convenience.

A digital electric smoker sits on a brick patio with it's door open to show4 racks of food and the water and wood chip trays.

Key Features:

  • Digital control panel and remote for precise control
  • Patented side wood chip loading system
  • Four chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Unmatched convenience and accuracy

Patented Wood Chip Loader: experiment with flavor

Masterbuilt Digital Charcoal Smoker

For those who love the unmistakable taste of charcoal-infused goodness, the Digital Charcoal Smoker is for you. This smoker combines the flavor of charcoal with the ease of digital technology. Set your desired temperature and monitor it via the digital control panel. The built-in fan ensures consistent airflow and heat distribution, while the integrated meat probe thermometer lets you monitor your dishes' internal temperatures. With two smoking racks and a removable water bowl, you have all the tools needed to create flavorful masterpieces.

A turkey, sweet potatoes and ears of corn are visible through the window of a Digital Charcoal Smoker that is sitting on a brick patio

Key Features:

  • Infuses charcoal flavor with digital control
  • Built-in fan for consistent airflow
  • Integrated meat probe thermometer
  • Two smoking racks and removable water bowl

Closeup of the digital control panel at the base of the Digital Charcoal Smoker. A hand reaches into frame to work the control panel

Masterbuilt Analog Electric Smoker

Celebrating the timeless art of smoking, the Analog Electric Smoker delivers simplicity without sacrificing quality. Ideal for beginners and enthusiasts alike, this smoker features analog temperature control, making it effortless to achieve the perfect smoking conditions. The fully insulated body ensures consistent temperatures, while the front-access wood chip tray allows for easy replenishing. With three smoking racks and a compact design, available in both 30-inch and 40-inch sizes, this smoker embodies the essence of traditional smoking, making it a must-have addition to any griller's arsenal.

An Analog Electric Smoker sits on a patio with its door open to show 2 racks of food above the wood chip and water pans

Key Features:

  • Analog temperature control for simplicity
  • Fully insulated body for even smoking
  • Front-access wood chip tray
  • Three smoking racks and compact design
Temperature Dial for easy temperature control. The dial is labelled in English, French and Spanish

Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

The Propane Smoker embodies performance and versatility. Featuring a stainless-steel burner and a built-in temperature gauge, this smoker ensures precise heat control. The dual-door design minimizes heat loss while granting easy access to the smoking chamber. Available in both 30-inch and 40-inch sizes, with four adjustable smoking racks and an expansive cooking space, this smoker accommodates large quantities of meat. Whether catering to a crowd or honing your skills, the Propane Smoker is available in multiple sizes to suit your needs.

A man removed cooked sausages from a Masterbuilt propane smoker. Corn on the cob, racks of ribs, and 2 whole chickens rest on other racks of the smoker ready for serving

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel burner for high performance
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Dual-door design for minimal heat loss
  • Four adjustable smoking racks and expansive cooking space

The wood chip and water pans sit in a rack pulled out of a propane smoker. The water pan is full of broth and spices for extra flavor.

Masterbuilt's collection of vertical smokers (link to smokers) showcases a profound commitment to innovation, tradition, and flavor. Each smoker embodies a unique blend of features, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of smoking enthusiasts. Whether you're drawn to the precision of digital control, the authenticity of charcoal, the simplicity of analog design, or the power of propane, Masterbuilt has created a vertical smoker that's ready to elevate your smoking journey. Embrace the art of smoking with Masterbuilt and unlock a world of culinary possibilities that will captivate your taste buds and inspire your creativity.