Rasheed Philips

Standing Prime Rib

Serves: 12 people
Cook Time: 5 - 6 hours
Standing Prime Rib


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A delicious springtime meal deserves a standout dish. Rasheed Philips delivers with a standing rib roast coated in a blend of herbs and spices, cooked on a Gravity Series grill.


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    The Prep: Remove the twine from your Stand Rib Roast and pat exterior with paper towel. The bones should be pre-cut and simple to remove.

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    Apply Dijon Mustard to meat, making sure it's evenly coated. The mustard acts as a binder for the seasoning as well as a tenderizer. Next up, begin to firmly press on your garlic cloves, crushing and placing them on the meaty side of the separated beef rib. On top of that place your rosemary and sage; if fresh herbs are not available, you can use dry herbs and bottled garlic.

  3. 03

    Grab your favorite beef rub and season the Rib Roast. Don’t forget the sides and bone portion as well. Set the Rib Roast back onto the bones and using butcher twine, begin to tie to two together (the tighter the better). Once secured, set the Rib Roast to the side and prepare for the cook.

  4. 04

    The Cook: Load, Light and Set your Gravity Series grill to 325°F.

  5. 05

    For this particular cook, I used a combination of both lump coal and mesquite splits. To make certain the Rib Roast cooked evenly, we will be utilizing the Gravity Series rotisserie kit. If you do not have one that is fine, you can simply adjust the roast during the cook. Once the roast is secured, insert your probe. We are cooking this to roughly 126°F internal temp. This allows for a wonderful doneness that will be brought over by the carry over heat as the roast rests.

  6. 06

    Midway through the cook, melt one stick of unsalted butter. For additional flavor, place it in the Gravity Series grill in a small cast iron pan to melt so it can capture some of that smokey flavor. Then using a planer, zest one whole lemon and squeeze juices into the bowl of melted butter. Using a brush to start basting the exterior of the roast as it turns.

  7. 07

    When interior temps reach 126°F, remove from heat and let rest. It's very important not to slice into the roast yet as all the juices will escape, causing a drier result.

  8. 08

    Lastly, plate and serve with your favorite sides. This dish works well with seafood, salad, or fresh baked bread. Enjoy!


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