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9907170027 - Wood Chip Housing Kit

9907170027 - Wood Chip Housing Kit

Wood Chip Housing Kit for electric smokers

Part Number

Fits Models
20071117, 20071217, 20071218, 20071317, 20071417, 20071517, 20074517, MB20070619, MB20071117, MB20071418, MB20071518, MB20071619, MB20071719, MB20071819, MB20072218, MB20072318, MB20072418, MB20072518, MB20072618, MB20072718, MB20072918, MB20073018, MB20073119, MB20073519, MB20073619, MB20073919, MB20074719, MB20075519, MB20075617, MB20075917, MB20077018, MB20077118, MB20077818, MB21071218, MB21072218, MB21072319, MB21072618, MB21072719, MB21072918, MB25071217, MB25073519, MB26071317, MB26073519, MB28071517