The McLemore Boys

Deep Fried Turkey

Portions: 10 people
Temps de cuisson: 30 - 60 min
Deep Fried Turkey


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Golden deep fried turkey in the Masterbuilt 10L XL Fryer Boiler Steamer


  1. 01

    Fill Masterbuilt 10L XL Fryer Boiler Steamer with oil to the MAX line; heat to 375° F.



    • 3 gallons peanut oil
  3. 01

    Prepare the injection mixture by combining 1 cup of melted butter and ½ cup of garlic rub. Add to injection syringe.



    • 1 cup butter (melted)
    • 1/2 cup Garlic Rub (Preferred: Lanes BBQ Garlic² Rub)
  5. 02

    Remove giblets and neck. If present, remove and discard the plastic leg holder and pop-up timer.

  6. 03

    Rinse turkey thoroughly with warm water or completely cover it with warm water and soak for no more than 30 minutes to ensure cavities are free of ice.

  7. 04

    Pat the turkey completely dry on the outside and inside of the cavity with paper towels.

  8. 06

    Using the syringe, inject the mixture into the breasts, legs, thighs, and wings.

  9. 07

    Sprinkle turkey generously with the sweet heat rub, completely coating the outside of the turkey and the inside of the cavity.



    • Sweet Heat Rub (Preferred: Lanes BBQ Spellbound Hot)
  11. 08

    Place turkey (breast side up) in the fryer basket. Slowly lower the basket into the hot oil.

  12. 09

    Fry turkey for 3½ to 4 minutes per pound.

  13. 10

    Lift the basket from the hot oil slowly to check doneness with a meat thermometer. Insert it in the meaty part of the breast; turkey is done when it reads 165° F. If the turkey is not done, lower it carefully back into the oil for an additional 5 minutes.

  14. 11

    Once the turkey reaches the desired temperature (minimum 165° F internal temperature), turn the fryer to MIN and unplug it from the outlet.

  15. 12

    Allow the turkey to rest and drain in the fryer basket for 10 minutes before removing it for carving.

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