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Blackberry Bourbon Hot Wings

Raciones: 6 people
Tiempo de cocción: 30 - 60 min
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Blackberry Bourbon Hot Wings


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Grilled Blackberry Bourbon Hot Wings Recipe

This hot wing recipe combines the sweet notes from the blackberries with a hint of bourbon with the backend heat of the hot wings. This recipe was grilled on the Masterbuilt Gravity 800 grill and smoker. This charcoal smoker grill has a digital control panel to easily set the desired cooking temperature. Use this app enabled grill to set and adjust temperature and time, monitor meat probes, or shut down your grill smoker.

Whether you're hosting a summer barbecue, a game day gathering, or simply looking to impress your friends and family with a creative twist on a classic favorite, these Blackberry Bourbon Hot Wings are sure to be a hit. So fire up your grill and get ready to experience a flavor fusion that will elevate your grilling game to new heights.


  1. 01

    Put wings in a ziplock bag with the hot wing sauce and place in refrigerator for 2-4 hours


  3. 02

    Preheat Gravity Series to 400F


  5. 03

    Lightly season wings with All Purpose rub and grill for approximately 45 minutes, internal temperature of 180-190F


  7. 04

    Place a small cast iron pan in the grill when the wings go on the grill and mix in the blackberries, water, maple syrup, and bourbon


  9. 05

    Stir the blackberries occasionally and remove from heat when they are soft and easily breakdown


  11. 06

    Pour Blackberry Bourbon sauce over wings and enjoy!



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