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40 inch ThermoTemp XL Propane Smoker
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40 inch ThermoTemp XL Propane Smoker

The 40 inch Thermotemp XL smoker makes propane smoking simple and safe. No more monitoring or adjusting temperature.  Patented ThermoTemp innovation lets you set the temperature and walk away.  The safety shut-off valve provides a safe smoking experience while the four smoking racks provide plenty of room to smoke up to 16 chickens, 6 turkeys, 8 racks of ribs, or 8 pork butts.  Master the art of smoking with Masterbuilt.

  • Temperature sensor controls burner to maintain desired temperature
  • Safety valve shuts off burner if flame is extinguished
  • Tank fuel level gauge indicates the amount of propane in the tank
  • Up to 57 hours of cook time (based on 430,000 BTUs when full, 7,500 BTUs/hour)
  • Four chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Heat diffuser evenly distributes heat from burner
  • Large door latch to open and close doors with one hand
  • 15,750 BTU stainless steel burner
  • Handle and wheels make moving smoker easy
  • Propane tank retention bracket provides stability for propane tank
  • Stainless steel wood chip tray mounted on lower door for easy access
  • Side-mounted grease tray for easy access and quick cleanup
  • Type 1 regulator with hose
Out of Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

28.74 in.
52.953 in.
22.835 in.
MPS 340|G ThermoTemp XL Propane Smoker 

Thermostatically-controlled propane smoking

Old school technique. New school technology.
Control knob lets you set desired cooking temperature
Thermostat Temperature Control

Dial it in to perfection

Patented thermostat-controlled temperature - no need to manually adjust as with traditional propane smokers and no electricity required

Built-in gauge makes it easy to monitor propane level
Fuel Level

Eliminate the guesswork

Fuel level gauge indicates the amount of propane remaining in tank

Four racks give you enough space to cook for a crowd
Four Racks

Feed a couple or a crowd

Four chrome-coated smoking racks

Feed a couple or a crowd

Pork Butt
Racks of Rib

ThermoTemp Propane Smoker Schematic
52.953" in.
28.74" in.
Model #
28.74 in cm
52.953 in cm
22.835 in cm
Frequently Asked Questions
Curing your smoker will rid the unit of oils produced in the manufacturing process. Pre-season your smoker prior to first use. 1. Perform soapy water test: 2. Using a napkin or cloth, rub a light coat of cooking oil on smoker racks and inside smoker door. Make sure water pan is in place WITHOUT water. 3. Fill wood chip tray with up to 1 cup of wood chips and light your smoker. Close door. 4. Let the smoker burn for about 1 hour. Make sure temperature reaches 350°F (177°C). 5. Allow unit to cool completely. 6. Reapply light coat of cooking oil on smoker racks and inside of smoker door. 7. Re-light smoker and burn for 20 minutes. * Cure your smoker periodically to prevent excessive rust.
You may use dry or pre-soaked wood chips in your smoker. Dry chips will burn faster and produce more intense smoke. Chips pre-soaked in water (for approximately 30 minutes) will burn slower and produce a less intense smoke.
No. Masterbuilt smokers are not designed to be used with natural gas. Our gas smokers are designed for propane use only.