Jean-Paul Bourgeois

Grilled Steak Tips Wrapped in Fire Roasted Peppers and French Onion Dip

Serves: 8 people"
Cook Time: 30 - 60 min


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  1. 01

    Set Masterbuilt Gravity Series to 450° F.

  2. 02

    Grill your bell peppers on all sides, making sure the skin is blistered and blackened.

  3. 03

    Once blackened, add your bell pepper to a zip lock bag and allow them to steam for 30 minutes.

  4. 04

    After 30 minutes, remove peppers from the bag and use a dry paper towel to rub the burnt skin off the peppers.

  5. 05

    Slice peppers in 1-inch strips.

  6. 06

    Add peppers to a small bowl with thyme, crushed garlic, salt, pepper, bay leaf, olive oil and red wine vinegar and allow to marinate for 1 hour, or up to 48 hours in the fridge.

  7. 07

    Season flank steak with salt and pepper and grill until internal temperature reaches 130° F.

  8. 08

    Allow to rest fully and slice thinly across the grain.

  9. 09

    Match up 1 slice of steak with one slice of roasted pepper and roll into a spiral using a toothpick to hold in place.

  10. 10

    Mix Greek yogurt with chopped thyme, black pepper, lemon juice and French onion mix.

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