How to Smoke Brisket

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How to Smoke Brisket


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Classic. Delicious. Need we say more?


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    Trim the brisket. While accuracy is important, move quickly. As the brisket warms up, the fat gets softer and harder to deal with.


  3. 02

    Apply binder/slather if using. Apply even coats of rub. Allow the brisket to fully warm up to room temperature.


  5. 03

    While the brisket is warming, start your fire!


  7. 04

    Once the smoker is around 250°, place the brisket inside. Fat side should face in the direction your smoker gets the most heat. Have the point face the fire. The denser fat content can take the brunt of the heat better than the flat.


  9. 05

    Place a water pan inside, and keep the lid closed for the first 3 hours. As long as you maintain constant temperatures in your smoker, there is no reason to look. Let that heat and smoke do it’s thing!


  11. 06

    After the 3rd hour, open up and check the color. Spritz any crusty dry spots directly with your choice of spritz (we recommend apple cider vinegar), and very lightly mist entire brisket to promote better crust formation. Continue doing this every 20 minutes.


  13. 07

    After about 5-6 hours, your brisket should be breaking through the stall (plateauing of temperature due to moisture evaporation). Always wrap after the stall in order to get the bark formation/smoke penetration. You may spike your heat up to 275° in order to help it get through the stall (but make sure you’re on top of the spritzing).


  15. 08

    Once it has gotten through the stall, I use butcher paper to wrap tightly and return to smoker at 275°.


  17. 09

    About 9-10 hours into the cook, pick up the brisket with Char-Griller Grill Gloves, and test for pliability. The brisket should want to bend over your fingers as you hold it. You may check the internal temperature of the center of the flat. All briskets are different, but I tend to see briskets done more frequently around 205° at the center of the flat.


  19. 10

    Pull the brisket out (still wrapped) and let rest until the internal temp is around 150°.


  21. 11

    Slice against the grain, serve, and enjoy!



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