How-To Use the Masterbuilt® Pizza Oven

How-To Use the Masterbuilt® Pizza Oven

Take your homemade pizza to the next level with the Masterbuilt Pizza Oven for your Gravity Series® grill. Follow along to learn how to get delicious wood-fired flavor paired with all your favorite toppings on your next pizza.

How-To Assemble the Pizza Oven

Before you can master cooking a delicious pizza in your Gravity Series, you'll need to install the pizza oven. Follow along with these steps or refer to your owner's manual to complete the assembly.

  1. Remove the warming racks and grates.
  2. Install heat deflectors on both sides of the manifold.
  3. To hold the deflectors in place, install the heat deflector clips on the manifold.
  4. Place the pizza oven into the grill. The pizza oven will sit in the same position as the cooking grates.
  5. Use the front, rear, left, and right panels to cover all the open space in the cooking chamber. Panels are labeled to correspond with Gravity Series grill number.
  6. Assembly complete.

How-To Use the Pizza Oven

Now that the assembly is complete, you're ready to cook your pizza! Follow along with these steps or refer to your owner's manual to cook a pizza in your Masterbuilt Gravity Series Grill + Smoker using the Pizza Oven.

  1. Make sure your pizza oven is assembled in the grill before you turn it on.
  2. Preheat your grill to a temperature between 550 - 700F while the pizza oven is in the grill and the lid is closed.
  3. Once your grill has reached the set temperature, load your pizza into the oven. Use extreme caution, the pizza oven and pizza stone will be extremely hot.
  4. Cook your pizza with the lid closed. There is no need to rotate your pizza throughout the cook.
  5. We recommend cooking your pizza for about 3-5 minutes. Results may vary.

Cooking Tips

  1. Use lower temperatures of thick crust and higher temperatures for thin crust.
  2. We recommend using cornmeal to prevent your pizza from sticking to the stone. Use caution, pizza oven and pizza stone will be extremely hot.
  3. We recommend using a large, long handled spatula or pizza peel to assist in loading and unloading your pizza from the pizza oven.

Please Note: Cooking times and temperatures are provided as basic guidelines. Times and temperatures can vary depending on personal preference, weather conditions, grill type and performance. Results may vary.

Now you are ready to enjoy your delicious wood-fired pizza!

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