How-To Clean the Masterbuilt® Pizza Oven

Clean pizza oven resting inside a Gravity Series grill

After you've enjoyed your delicious pizza, it is time to clean your Masterbuilt Pizza Oven. Follow along with these steps or refer to your owner's manual to learn how-to clean your Pizza Oven.

How-To Clean

After baking your final pizza, it is time to clean your pizza oven.

  1. You can clean the pizza oven by letting your grill remain on high for approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Any remaining residue should burn off and debris can be scraped off the pizza stone. Use a long handled, gentle cleaning brush to scrape off any residue. Use extreme caution when removing the residue, pizza oven and pizza stone will be extremely hot.
  3. Once the pizza oven and stone have completely cooled, wipe metal surfaces with a mild, non-abrasive detergent (such as vinegar and water).


  1. Do not use household cleaners or liquids on the pizza stone.
  2. Never let moisture build up on your pizza stone. Never wash your stone with soap and water. Do not get your pizza stone wet.

Now that your Pizza Oven is clean, you can store it in a safe, dry location until time to cook your next pizza.