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Smoked Beef Jerky on a Vertical Smoker

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Save Money - Make Beef Jerky!

You can save a lot of money and be sure of your ingredient quality by making beef jerky at home using your vertical smoker. This recipe was prepared by @RustyBBQLamb on the 710 WiFi Digital Electric Vertical Smoker. Try this and you'll see why smoking is better than using a dehydrator. Smoking jerky instead of using a dehydrator infuses the meat with a rich, smoky essence that cannot be achieved through dehydration alone. The slow smoking process enhances the natural beefy flavors while imparting a delightful complexity from the wood smoke, resulting in a jerky that's tender, flavorful, and perfectly preserved.

For what meat works best for jerky, any lean cut will be fine; this homemade beef jerky recipe uses eye of round. Utilizing a vertical smoker allows for an even, consistent smoke, ensuring that each piece of jerky is infused with the delicious, aromatic quality that makes smoked beef jerky so irresistible. Perfect for camping trips, road snacks, or a protein-packed treat, this smoked jerky is a testament to the superior taste and craftsmanship of traditional smoking methods.

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    Slice the meat thin about 1/4 inch.


  3. 02

    Coat the meat the marinade and let it sit uncovered in the fridge overnight.


  5. 03

    Smoke at 160 until meat is dry, about 5 hours



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