Review of the AutoIgnite 545 Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker

An open AutoIgnite grill with cheeseburgers and sausages cooking on the grill, kebabs searing on the charcoal hopper sear plate, and buns toasting on the warming rack

What the Pros are Saying about the New AutoIgnite Series 545

The New Masterbuilt AutoIgnite Series 545 Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker launched in January 2024 to rave reviews from both professionals and everyday grillers alike. Equipped with automatic ignition technology, this grill takes the hassle out of lighting charcoal, allowing users to focus on crafting delicious meals effortlessly. Redefining convenience and precision in outdoor cooking, its digital interface provides intuitive control over temperature and cooking settings, ensuring consistent cooking results with every cook. The AutoIgnite Series 545 offers versatility to satisfy any culinary craving.

We sent top BBQ pros and influencers that AutoIgnite test out and here's their feedback! If you're looking for a review of the AutoIgnite, then this blog post is just what you need.

How Well Does the AutoIgnite 545 Cook

Nick “Heatstrokes” Keith, a skilled BBQ content creator and Masterbuilt brand ambassador, brings passion to the world of outdoor cooking.



The dynamic duo of Kenny and Jonathan, known as Smoken Meatz, are accomplished BBQ competitors, content creators, and Masterbuilt brand ambassadors.



James Mack, also known as Smoking Dad BBQ on social media, is a captivating content creator and fire cooking storyteller, captivating audiences with his culinary adventure.



Fit Glam Cooks, a foodie and content creator - specializing in crafting nutritious recipes and promoting wellness.


How About the New Features

The McLemore Boys, a dynamic father and son duo are renowned Fox News food and TV personalities, captivating audiences with their culinary expertise and charm.



Jared "How Low Can You Slow” Pullman, a native New Zealander, ignites the BBQ scene as a content creator - offering a host of tips, tricks, and recipe inspiration to BBQ enthusiasts. Jared says the Autoignite Series 545 is “sturdy, simple to use and perfect for anyone who wants to do some smoking but primarily grills and sears.”


This grill holds temperature rock solid for 8-9 hours, making it a solid choice for both grilling and smoking. All around this is a solid grill and smoker, I would highly recommend it!” - BBQ Friend

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*Disclaimer: influencers received this product for free.