Best Tips for Grilling for a Crowd

A diverse crowd of young adults gather near a grill during autumn. Most of the people are wearing cool-weather clothing and holding drink cups. One man stands in the foreground cooking kebabs and burgers in an open grill.

As the holidays approach, many of us are gearing up for a season of celebrations that continues through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and more. To help you become the ultimate grill master for all your holiday gatherings, here are some of our best tips for grilling for a crowd!

Plan Ahead

Before you fire up your Masterbuilt grill, take some time to plan your menu and prepare your ingredients. Take the opportunity to marinate your meats, chop vegetables, and arrange everything in an organized manner. This way, when your guests arrive, you can concentrate on grilling and enjoying their company. Create a diverse menu that accommodates various tastes and dietary preferences. Make a shopping list well in advance to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients and supplies.

Choosing Your Masterbuilt

When choosing a Masterbuilt grill for your festivities, there are several factors to consider ensuring that you get the right model for your needs. Key considerations include size and cooking area, fuel type, and convenience.

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series® allows for both grilling and smoking, catering to your preference. Additionally, you can set your desired temperature on the digital control board or by using the Masterbuilt app. This not only results in mouthwatering flavors but also frees up time to engage with loved ones rather than constantly tending to the grill.

Creative Seasonal Marinades and Rubs

Seasonal marinades and rubs add a festive twist to your grilled creations. Experiment with flavors that complement the occasion, such as cranberry-infused rubs for Thanksgiving. These subtle touches can make your grilling stand out.

Grilling Safely

Ensuring a safe grilling experience is crucial, especially when hosting a crowd. Review safety protocols, check equipment, and designate a grilling area that minimizes risks. This not only protects your guests but also allows you to focus on the joy of grilling.

Interactive Grilling Activities

Transform grilling into an interactive experience by involving your friends and family. Whether it's DIY skewers, build-your-burger stations, or personalized grilled pizza toppings, this allows everyone to participate in the grilling process. It adds a fun and engaging element to the celebration.

A person holds a plate piled with kebab skewers in both hands. A second person holding long tongs over a lit grill are visible but blurred in the background.

By incorporating these tips and embracing the spirit of the season, your festive celebrations are sure to be a hit. Gather around the grill, ignite the flames of festivity, and savor the moments with good company and even better food. Cheers to grilling success!

A diverse group of people sit around an outdoor table at night. Candles burn on the table and stings of lights hang from the trees. The table is full of food, and the four friends clink wine glasses in a toast.