How to Use the Gravity Series® Rotisserie Kit

Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit with Rotisserie Chicken

If you have a Gravity Series® Grill, you know that mastering the art of charcoal grilling is all part of the fun. Learning how to use the Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit opens a world of flavor by allowing you to produce juicy, slow-roasted meat in just a few simple steps.

How to Setup the Rotisserie Kit

  1. First, you'll need to purchase the Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit. The rotisserie kit fits the Gravity Series 800, and the Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker. 
  2. Remove the rotisserie plug and insert the motor and adapter into the attachment location on the left side of the grill.
  3. Screw the neck flange into the motor and attach the rod support bracket to the right side of the grill.
  4. Use the M4 Hardware to screw in the rod support bracket into place. Placement is dependent on your grill model, so check your manual to ensure correct placement.
  5. Tighten the neck flange until the motor is secured to the grill.
  6. Slide the meat claws onto the spit rod and tighten with the thumb screws. Note - food should be secured to meat claws and spit rod in this step.
  7. Insert the rod, claws, and food into grill motor end first. Attach the power supply and insert and twist the motor connections to lock.
  8. Turn the motor on when ready to cook and enjoy!

Tips for Cooking with the Rotisserie Kit

Making sure your meat is balanced and secured properly is key to a good cook. The Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit can handle up to 20 pounds of food.

When selecting your meat to cook, look for pieces that are even all over for the best balance. Adjust the claws as needed whenever the meat cooks and the fibers start to break down.

For whole birds, use butcher twine to hold the legs and wings in place. You'll want to cross the drumsticks and tie together while also tying the wings against the body. Run the spit rod through the entire cavity of the bird, keeping parallel to the backbone and through the opening near the tail bone. Use the claws to hold the bird in place.

For pork, ham, beef, or lamb, skewer the meat lengthwise through the longest part to hold in place. Center your meat and hold in place with the claws.

Check the weight of your skewer before cooking. If the meat feels uneven or rolls more heavily to one side, readjust and secure to ensure even cooking and rotation throughout the cook.

For larger, fattier cuts of meat, place a drip pan underneath the food to help avoid any flare-ups during the cook.

Keep the lid of your grill closed during the cook to prevent heat from escaping and causing uneven cooking spots.

Do not operate at temperatures above 450°F.

And don't forget to remove the rotisserie kit when not in use.

The Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit gives you the freedom to enjoy a wide range of foods that you wouldn't normally be able to cook on a grill, so purchase yours today and enjoy! For more cooking inspiration, check out our blog.