Grill for Good

What is Grill for Good?

Grill for Good is an initiative committed to bridging gaps through the unifying power of grilling. Recognizing the profound impact of sharing a meal, it stands as a beacon of unity and a commitment to positive change. By leveraging the communal nature of grilling, this initiative strives to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need, envisioning a world where grilling becomes a powerful catalyst for compassion and understanding. In this shared future, Grill for Good aims to ensure that no one goes hungry, turning the transformative power of food into a force for social good.

2023 Grill for Good Giveaway Winner

Grill for Good

Charlie22, devoted to supporting veterans, tackles the urgent issue of 22 veteran suicides daily. They offer news updates, counseling, and organize group activities to supportive their communities. Charlie22 covers all costs, even for doctors, through dedicated fundraising. Charlie22's commitment to veterans extends beyond direct support, reaching out to the families of veterans who have tragically taken their own lives. They provide emotional assistance and cover expenses for activities such as hunting and fishing, including food preparation costs. This holistic approach underscores their dedication to easing challenges for both veterans and their families. Winning a Masterbuilt grill would further amplify Charlie22's impact by enhancing their ability to organize and facilitate group activities.

2022 Winner of Masterbuilt's Grill for Good Giveaway

Putting together and organizing grill outs since Covid-19 started in his local park. 2022's winner tries to give back with food where he can to the local homeless and those who are in need.

A hand wearing a food service glove passes a plate of food to a hand with painted nails. A table loaded down with full serving platters is in the background

Middleby Cares

Middleby Cares is committed to being a responsive, responsible, and respected community citizen. Our corporate giving initiative supports impactful community outreach activities. We engage with organizations located in proximity to our facilities that support food insecurity, education initiatives, youth program and needs for shelter and basic living necessities. Learn more at

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