How to Fry a Turkey in the Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer

How to Fry a Turkey in the Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer

Chances are that when you hear fried turkey, you are thinking about the less-than-optimal, big pot over a fire outside set-up that you see on the local news every year around Thanksgiving. The Masterbuilt 3-in-1 Deep Fryer makes it easy to get a fried turkey without all the mess and stress.

*As a note, for the 10-liter fryer, you can fry up to a 20-pound turkey and for the 8-liter fryer, you can fry up to a 12-pound turkey.

Here's a guide for how to use it.

  1. First, make sure that the drain valve is in the off position and that the safety cap is mounted. Check this before you plug in the unit.
  2. Note the max fill line and make sure to fully fill the fryer. You can use the oil of your choice but make sure it is a high heat oil.
  3. Plug the unit in and make sure the indicator light turns on.
  4. For the fryer, set it to 375 and then it is time to prepare the bird.
  5. Fully wash the turkey in a warm water bath to make sure that all the ice crystals and cold parts of the turkey are removed. Disclaimer: This bath is only water and does not include soap.
  6. After the warm water bath, pat the turkey completely dry.
  7. Inject the turkey with the marinade or brine of your choice at a ratio of one ounce per pound.
  8. Season the turkey inside and out with your favorite seasoning.
  9. Before you place the turkey in the basket, spray basket with nonstick spray.
  10. Wait for the green light to light up on the fryer.
  11. Put on protective gloves and lower the turkey into the fryer slowly.
  12. Cook for 4 minutes per pound and set the timer on the side of the fryer accordingly.
  13. When the timer is done and the turkey is at 165 degrees internal temperature, use the drain clips to hook and fully drain the turkey. Allow the turkey to rest on the hooks. The turkey can remain on the hooks until time to serve.

When the frying process is done, you'll be left with a delicious Thanksgiving turkey, and in a fraction of the time it would have taken to cook in the oven, leaving you with time and cooking space for sides and desserts.

Remember, you don't have to put your fryer away after Thanksgiving! It can be used year-round to fry, steam, and/or boil your favorite foods. Need inspiration for recipes? Check our complete collection of recipes.