Rusty Lamb

Money Saving Deli Style Beef

Portions: 10 people
Temps de cuisson: 1 - 2 heures


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Introducing Deli Style Roast Beef cooked to perfection using the 710 WiFi Digital Electric Smoker. This beef provides a savory delight without breaking the bank!

This recipe by @rustybbqlamb is easy and will provide you with superior tasting roast beef. For optimal results, it is recommended to season the meat 24 hours before you cook it. Rusty used about 2 tsp of Redmond's real salt and two teaspoons of a herb seasoning, but this smoked roast beef recipe is incredible versatile so you can use whatever your favorite flavors are; for using this for lunch meat, try to keep the seasoning fairly simple though for roast beef.

The steps in this recipe use the setting on the Masterbuilt 710 Wi-Fi electric smoker to 200°. The lower and slower you go the more tender it will be. Remember, the eye of the round of roast beef is not a tender cut so low and slow is your friend.

For a rarer result, you can take the meat out at 110°. Remember the temperature of the eye of round will increase around 10° after removing it from the cooker. So just adjust your temperature accordingly.

Finally, you want to rest this overnight and allow the meat to fully cool before slicing so you don't lose the juice. Rusty vacuum seals his, but if you don't have a vacuum sealer just wrap it up tightly in some plastic wrap. If you don't have a deli slicer, just take your time and slice it as thin as you can.

You will love the flavor and this budget-friendly smoked recipe with your vertical smoker.


  1. 01

    Preheat your Masterbuilt 710 Wi-Fi electric smoker to 200°F. For a faster cook, you can set it to 250°F, but never exceed 225°F to maintain tenderness.


  3. 02

    Season the trimmed eye of the round roast with 2 tsp of high-quality salt and 2 tsp of herb seasoning.


  5. 03

    Place the seasoned roast in the smoker and cook until the internal temperature reaches 110°F for rare doneness. Adjust cooking time and temperature based on your desired level of doneness.


  7. 04

    Once the roast reaches the desired temperature, remove it from the smoker and let it rest overnight to fully cool and retain juices.


  9. 05

    If you have a vacuum sealer, vacuum seal the roast for optimal preservation. Otherwise, tightly wrap it in plastic wrap.


  11. 06

    When ready to serve, slice the roast thinly using a deli slicer for best results. If you don't have a deli slicer, slice it as thin as possible using a sharp knife.


  13. 07

    Enjoy your homemade deli-style roast beef with your preferred accompaniments!



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