Classic App

Opening screen of the Classic App, displaying the Masterbuilt name and logo
Classic App icon, a light gray square with rounded corners. Has the Masterbuilt logo in black and a small, black Bluetooth logo in the lower right corner


  • iOS 11.0 or higher using iPhone 6 or higher
  • Must support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher


  • Android 6 or higher
  • Must support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher

What is the current firmware version? V003 R000 (3.0.01)
What products are compatible with the app?

This app is to be used with Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smokers.

  • MB20073519 (MES 130P)
  • MB20073919 (MES 130G)
  • MB20074719 (MES 140G)
  • MB20075519 (MES 140G)
  • MB20076419 (MES 430S)
  • MB20077419 (MES 440S)
  • MB20075118 (MES 340G )

For Gravity Series® and AutoIgnite™ Series Grill + Smokers use the Masterbuilt Grills + Smokers App

What is Firmware and how do I install it?

Firmware is an update to the product and will require the digital controller to be connected to Wi-Fi. It is recommended that firmware updates be completed on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections (NOT 5GHz). It is not recommended to update over hotspot connections. When updates are available you will get a prompt to update your smoker's firmware when opening the app.

"How To" Videos

"How To" videos are available on YouTube

Tips For Wi-Fi

Use a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network (not 5Ghz) with a strong signal to set up Wi-Fi on the smoker
Temporary hot spots are not recommended
Changes to the modem/router settings may cause the smoker to lose Wi-Fi connection and setup will have to be repeated
What if I have trouble connecting to the app?

In case you experience problems during the initial set up or subsequent connectivity, follow the steps below to set up the smoker once more:

  1. Unplug the smoker.
  2. If you have the smoker added in the App, remove it by tapping the "X" button.
  3. Sign out of your Masterbuilt account using the profile screen.
  4. Delete the App.
  5. Restart your phone.
  6. Reinstall the App.
  7. Sign in to your Masterbuilt account.
  8. Plug in the smoker.
  9. Follow steps to add the smoker.
If Wi-Fi is not present, can the controller be updated through Bluetooth?

No, the controller can only be updated through a Wi-Fi connection.

The connection icon is blinking on the smoker's controller When the smoker door is opened, the ability to control the smoker is disabled for mobile devices and placed in a "monitor only" mode until the door has been closed and the "connect" button is pushed to re-enable full functionality for a mobile device. Every time the door is opened, the user will need to push the connect button in order to gain mobile device control as a safety precaution.
Do I need to update the controller before I use the smoker? We do recommend updating the controller before using the smoker to ensure it is running on the latest update, but it is not required before using the smoker.

Additional Tips

Connect/Pair Using the Masterbuilt Classic App Only

DO NOT use the Bluetooth feature of your mobile device settings to search and connect to the smoker. To pair your device use the Masterbuilt Classic application only. If you have already paired simply unpair/forget device setting in your mobile device and repair using the Masterbuilt Classic application.

Confirm Bluetooth is ON by checking the mobile device settings

Ensure Bluetooth is turned on and ready to connect.

Ensure Airplane/Power Saving modes are turned off

Power saving and airplane modes can turn off Bluetooth functionality.

Make sure your mobile device has a sufficient charge

A weak battery or low charge may not have the power needed for the Bluetooth signal to reach the smoker.

Move your device away from potential sources of interference like wireless routers, microwaves, poorly shielded electronic cables, and garage door openers
Delete any saved settings on your phone by clearing app cache or reinstalling the app
Make sure there are no other devices connected to the smoker

Only one device can be connected to the smoker at a time.

Turn your device off for 20-30 seconds then turn on the mobile device again
Unplug the smoker for 20-30 seconds then plug it back in
Once you have followed the steps above try to pair your device to your smoker. If you experience problems pairing your device to the smoker after following the steps above, please contact our customer service department for assistance.
What is the Bluetooth range? The range of the Bluetooth® connection is approximately 30 feet (10 meters). However, maximum communication range will vary depending on obstacles (person, metal, wall, etc.) or electromagnetic environment.