Butterball XL Electric Fryer by Masterbuilt -- Red

Butterball XL Electric Fryer by Masterbuilt -- Red

Fry, steam, or boil your favorite foods with the Butterball XL Electric Fryer by Masterbuilt. The fryer uses 1/3 less oil than traditional fryers and is designed and tested to commercial standards. Clean-up is easy with the built-in drain valve and dishwasher safe components.
Model MB23012718
Width 18.30
Height 14.76
Length 16.33
Butterball XL Electric Fryer
Partnered with the most trusted name in turkeys to bring innovation and safety to the frying experience
Butterball XL Electric Fryer by Masterbuilt

Feed a couple or a crowd

Aluminum basket with patented drain clips holds up to a 20 lb turkey, 5 lbs of chicken wings, or large seafood boil.

Drain Valve

Makes clean-up simple

Oil drain valve for easy clean-up.

Magnetic Cord

Spotlight on safety

Magnetic breakaway cord for safety.

Frequently Asked Questions
Fry your turkey for 3 1/2 to 4 minutes per lb. The internal temp should be 165 degrees in the breast and 180 degrees in the thigh. 
  - We recommend peanut oil for its high smoke point and mild flavor  - Canola oil and vegetable oil can also be used - Do not use olive oil, grapeseed oil, or any oil with a low flashpoint
- Pot and lid: dishwasher safe - Body: use mild soap and water  - Do NOT allow water or cleaning agents to contact the electrical components - Watch cleaning video here: http://mbt.cm/QYuGWZ