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There’s nothing quite like mastering something. Whether frying a turkey or flying a plane, filleting a fish or rebuilding an engine, the path to mastery is the path to our best self. Experimentation, tinkering, messing it up and getting it just right. It’s all good; the journey’s just as fun as getting there, and a new hurdle cleared is a new story to tell.

At Masterbuilt we believe that given the right tools, anything can be mastered. That’s why we build products to make you proud. Products that help you perfect slow-cooked ribs, try out different wood flavors and seasonings, and create signature dishes that become family traditions.


Choose the right tool


Who doesn’t love slow-smoked BBQ? Whether you’re a beginner or a competition-ready pro, Masterbuilt has the right tools to craft your backyard masterpiece. View various smokers with your preferred fuel source - electric, propane, charcoal, or pellet.

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Did you know Masterbuilt invented the world’s first electric indoor turkey fryer? If you’re looking for a safe way to fry turkey, wings, fish, and more, learn more about our fryers.

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Have you ever wondered why meals made at the campsite taste better? Whether it’s a fish fry from the fresh catch of the day or a nice, hot breakfast in the morning, Masterbuilt makes cooking in the great outdoors fun.

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Charcoal Grills

Whether you’re searing a delicious ribeye or making burgers and dogs before the big game, Masterbuilt makes grilling simple.

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To craft the perfect BBQ masterpiece, you need the right tools. Check out all the ways you can accessorize your smoker, grill, fryer, cooker, and more.

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Craft a Masterpiece

Kicked Up Baby Back Ribs

Personal Jalapeño Fatty

Buffalo Ranch Deep-Fried Turkey