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1.  Faith, Family, then the rest…

The McLemore family set the stage from the beginning here at Masterbuilt with priorities of faith first, family second, then the rest.  We live out those priorities each day, as the work comes in line behind the most important things in our lives. 

Our story begins with a leap of faith by Dawson McLemore.  Don’t most good stories begin that way?  Dawson was working hard to support his family with a steady job at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, when he took a chance and turned his backyard welding hobby into a full-time family business.  While he was driving down the road one day, praying for guidance and asking God to build and protect his business, the name Masterbuilt came to mind.  As he tells it, our company was “built by the Master”.  Masterbuilt has grown leaps and bounds since the day Dawson said that prayer, but we hold on to the same set of priorities.  Putting our faith and families at the top of the list keeps everything else in perspective.  Our team is good at the work, and they know we value them even more than the work.

2.  Do the work, make it fun.

Team Masterbuilt does what is takes to get the work done.  We’re not just a team, we’re a family.  And we’re not just a family, we’re a FUN family!

How do we “do the work” at Masterbuilt?  With integrity, determination, grit and a whole lot of teamwork.  We cultivate relationships with our employees that go far beyond the doors of 1 Masterbuilt Court.  There’s a lot of work to do before the bell rings each day, but our team finds a way to laugh and have a great time while getting the job done.  With a loyal, trustworthy team and tons of dadgum good food all around us, we think Masterbuilt is the best place in the world to work!

3.  Leading-edge quality and innovation

Masterbuilt leads the way in our industry with quality and innovation of products.  We work tirelessly to make our products better and bring new products to market. 

Product innovation is a cornerstone at Masterbuilt.  From the invention of the world’s first indoor electric turkey fryer and the Hitch-Haul cargo carrier, to our unmatched reputation with electric smokers, we are relentless in our pursuit to be the best.  It’s not uncommon to find our President/CEO with a welder in the workshop, mentoring our engineering team.  We work together to bring you products that make life dadgum good!

4.  World-class customer service, every time.

Our customer service team has one simple goal: world-class customer service. 

When someone buys our product, they aren’t just a customer to us – they become a member of our Masterbuilt community.  We love to share recipes, product tips and even photos or videos of dadgum good food with our community.  We wish there was never an issue with a product, but we know it happens from time to time.  When it does, our team works hard to reach a resolution with our community members.  We strive to create an environment of respect within Team Masterbuilt and also within our Masterbuilt community.  We’re here to do the right thing, every single time.

5.  Share the goodness

We believe in sharing the goodness every day:  good times, good food, good people.

At Masterbuilt, we design products that make sharing good times and good food with good people easy.  What’s “good” to us? 

  • G – Gather around the people that mean the most to you.

  • O – Open up your heart and kitchen to share good food and good times.

  • O – Original recipes you’ve passed down in your family are best.  Don’t have any original recipes? We’re always happy to share ours!

  • D – Don’t be intimidated by lack of experience.  You don’t have to be a chef to be a dadgum good cook. 

Sharing the goodness also means giving back.  Whether tithing at our local church, serving at our local valley rescue mission, or loading a bus with our team members to go serve in another state, Team Masterbuilt generously gives of their time and resources to make the world a better place.